Read through some of the most common questions to learn more about Tickhit:


Q: How Much does it cost to list an item on Tickhit?

A: We charge only 5% of the total value of the item. For example: if an item was listed for £39.00 (£1.00 per ticket) then listing fees would be £1.95. This would be payable after all tickets are sold in order to make the draw "live" and select a winner. You pay nothing up front.


Q: How is a winner selected?

A: Once all tickets for a prize draw have been sold, the winner is chosen by the corresponding "Bonus Ball" number for the "9pm Daily Millions" Irish Lottery. Once the draw has completed both seller and buyer will be notified and allowed to exchange contact details in order to arrange collection or postage.


Q: How long is a prize draw active for?

A: A prize draw is active (open to sell tickets) until either: i) All 39 tickets are sold.  Or ii) 28 days. After 28 days are up then ticket buyers are entitled to request a refund (in this instance please contact seller first before requesting refund from paypal).
*some listings may be extended with consent of those that have purchased a ticket* 


Q: What happens if the Prize is faulty, broken or not as descirbed?

A: In the event that a Prize is faulty or not as described, please contact the seller and attempt to resolve the issue - if resolution is not possible then you are fully covered by Paypal's buyer protection policy and can request a full refund. Please also contact Tickhit to report this issue.


Q: What if my prize does not arrive?

A: If your prize does not arrive in a resonable time then please contact the seller to resolve. If you are unable to contact the seller or unable to resolve your issue then please contact Tickhit Support and we will ensure that your issue is resolved.


We are working to update our FAQ's as new popular questions arise so please check back often but if your question is not on the list above then please feel free to