Buying Basics

Buying on Tickhit could not be easier!


Just follow these simple steps:


1) Register for an account Before you start buying and winning, you need to create a Tickhit account.
Be sure to check that all contact information is correct so that the seller can contact you to arrange collection or delivery of the item. Creating an account is simple and only takes a minute. For best results we recommend that you upload a profile picture to make yourself distinctive 


2) Browse the site (you can view listings by category or even use search option if you have something specific in mind).


3) Found something you like? Simply click on the listing to view more about the item. To buy tickets simply click buy tickets then choose the numbers you would like to purchase and click buy (You can choose as many available numbers as you like between 1 and 39). You can then answer the prize draw question. If you get the question right then you are entered into the prize draw and can pay for the tickets. If not, then you can try again.


4) Once all tickets have been sold, the seller will set send the listing to draw and winning prize entry will be selected by the Irish Lottery Bonus Ball (drawn every Wednesday & Saturday at 8:30pm)


5) If you have the winning ticket; you will receive an email confirming that you have won and be able to exchange contact details with seller and arrange collection or postage (you can always check to see if you have a winning ticket in “My Purchases” section within “My Account”.


6) Seller will post or deliver your Shiny New Item (for a fraction of the cost)!!