About us

Tickhit is the first of a kind prize draw marketplace where you can win just about anything, anytime, anywhere. Tickhit turns the world of commerce on it's head; allowing sellers to get more for their items, products or services and users pay much less. Users can find almost anything for just a fraction of the cost. This way consumers have a vast marketplace of unbeatable deals all from over the world whilst sellers can get the asking price!

Tickhit is redefining how trade works allowing people and businesses the world over to get more for their goods, products and services whilst giving people the chance to win almost anything for a tiny fraction of it's actual cost. luxury items that were once out of reach become easily affordable. 

We want to make buying and selling FUN!

The e-commerce marketplace is operated and published by Tickhit, which has sole responsibility for the editorial content it chooses to publish on the site.